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Unlike many agencies we don't have have fancy offices in London. We don't discuss ideas whilst sipping on freshly trodden ground coffee in a shot cup made out of hemp. We don't spend hours working out how fantastically ironic it would be to design a campaign entirely using David Carson's deconstructavist theory... we already know it would be wonderful.
Now I appreciate at this point you might be asking yourself, who is this cocky upstart? Well, Cabin42 isn't a single person and we really aren't cocky, we are; assured of the quality of service we offer. We are a collective of designers, photographers and videographers and we've worked with each other for over 10 years and have a combined 60+ years of industry experience.
So why does any of this matter? Basically our overheads are a fraction of other agencies, therefore every pound you spend with us isn't covering Hoxton rents, buying fancy coffee or paying for procrastination and musings. It means we are competitive. It means we are always worth inviting to quote on your projects.
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